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Home Equity

Home equity is the reason for home ownership in today's wild world. See what you can do with your home equity with expert guidance from The Mortgage Council.

You can get a mortgage even if you have bad credit.

Home Equity

Most home owners today are buying homes for two principal reasons:

  1. the continued benefits of home ownership: stability, security, space
  2. the incredibly steep increase in home prices that is leading to an even steeper increase in home equity.

The average rate of appreciation across the country is about 15%. That means if you were to buy a $200,000 in the average United State today, in a year your home will be worth $30,000 more, and its all your home equity!

So much home equity, oh so awesome

So you have the two main reasons to buy a home, now look at this other coupling. You can do one of two things with your home equity:

  1. You can sit on it and wait until you sell your home to enjoy the profit
  2. or you can access your home equity through quality and useful mortgages.

Second mortgages, or home equity loans, and the low rate, big-amount financial aids you need to increase your buying power, to fuel your home investment or your outside financial exploits. Home ownership is huge for your financial abilities and flexibilities, so its best of you take out that equity financing and use the home loan to better your life.

Two types of equity financing

With your home equity you can either take out a one-time, set amount equity loan or you can take periodic withdraws from a set amount of equity, call a home equity line of credit. Either way, you are accessing your home equity to reinforce you financial strength. The Mortgage Council says "have faith in your equity, and long live the home owner who knows his worth!"

But what is worth? Is there any good indication of your home financing stability and abilities? Well, the home equity rate you qualify for is a pretty good indication of your financial abilities and your financial picture as a whole. Home equity rates reflect the equity growth of your home, your long standing credit score and any changes you've made to that position since your home purchase, and your intended use off that equity - where you spend your money is a pretty good indication of your on the ball status.

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